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Sunday, January 27, 2013

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Content from Report filed with MUFON:

UFO Sighting in Sandersville, Georgia on January 24th 2013 - Small faint red lights first, that blink white, then two larger

THIS REPORT IS ENTERED BY THE GEORGIA STATE DIRECTOR. Witnesses here are the same family of four as in CMS 39367. The SD was on the phone with the reporting witness, “Mrs. W,” during most of the duration of these sightings, as the various family members were observing. What they observed this evening was different. Not only the cherry-red moving lights, alone or in dual-pairs, with single white lights (sometimes)above each red light. (Sightings between Nov. 2011-July 2012.) These were videotaped (five 15-second videos) for CMS 39367. Once again no sound could be heard at any time, even though this area is rural and very quiet. Because of the total lack of even the faintest sound, even as they can hear other planes, jets and helicopters, the family members do not believe they are seeing airplanes or helicopters. Initially, single, faint-red lights were observed moving around. Mrs. W called to report this at 7:10 PM. Sightings were facing generally east but encompassing the whole sky, essentially. Sometimes the lights would move in tandem, pairs; other times not. The lights were ���zipping around;��� once or twice a few would gather and form a straight line, then split up. They were not, apparently, attached to one or more objects, but were instead individuals. They sometimes blinked and when they did, the blink is white light. Then back to faint red. At about 7:40 Mrs. W called back and reported that now they had something really different: Two larger ���Ships��� moving slowly in the sky. Both originally were off to the south or SE. One continued along a course from generally south to generally northeast, towards Augusta, while the other made a zig-zag path, towards their left (NE) then a zag back to the right, gradually getting closer. One of them, was seen to be nose-diving before correcting itself and leveling out. The two adults eventually lost sight by distance of the more distant one. That one, it should be noted, had one red and one blue light on it, while the one coming closer had a red and a white light. On both, the white light was originally thought to be on the lead ���point;��� but see below. Attention now focused on the one coming closer. At this point, Mrs. W saw the shape was a foreshortened isosceles triangle, like the tip of a wide arrow, about ��� as long as it was wide. Movement was in the points direction. However, at its closest it was almost overhead and they got a better, straight-on look at it. Now, the white light underneath center was seen to not be at the forward point. The shape could now be seen to be generally like a boomerang, with a rounded ���nose��� rather than coming to a ���point.��� A drawing is being prepared. Mr W estimated, with the object still in sight, that the object was 1/2-inch in apparent (at-arms-length) size. He also felt the “Ship” was maybe 3,000 feet up, and not lower. It was trailed by ���a gaggle��� of smaller faint red single lights, faint and seemingly small but visible, ���flitting around in a gaggle that stayed behind the Ship.��� These did seem to the family to be the same lights they���d seen earlier in the evening (and maybe back in 2012); they would blink, the light then briefly being white then back to red. A generally-zig-zagging course continued. The speed of this movement was hard to estimate, but both adults (Mr and Mrs) felt it was too slow to hold the thing up if it was assumed to be ���flying��� in the conventional sense. Eventually Mr and Mrs W went inside due to cold. Their children, staying outside, eventually lost sight of all of the lights/objects. Total time that various of them were visible, was in excess of 1 hour 45 minutes. Video-recording was attempted by one daughter but it was thought that the objects (including the large one) were too faint to show up on their cell phone cameras. They shot video anyway at my request on the possibility that something might be visible. Clear, dry, cold air was moving into central Georgia that evening. Temps were 50 degrees dropping to 40 degrees by 9:00 PM.

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