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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

UFO Sighting in Diamond Bar, California on February 4th 2013 - Saw a fiery object or trail in the sky over Los Angeles

I was testing a new keychain camcorder outside and came upon a fiery object or trail in the sky over Los Angeles. The camcorder has no viewfinder, so I am just pointing it towards the object. Some of the event goes out of frame because of this. UFO Stalker

(As Reported to - the Mutual UFO Network).

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Content from Report filed with MUFON:

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  1. About an hour ago, I saw something shiny flicker out of the corner of my eye then when I looked out of my window to see clearer, I saw a UFO with red and blue lights flickering and hovering and sort of circling around one area (my room is on the second floor). At that point, I started calling for my sister to come see this UFO and then it disappeared. Then I went and got my sister and my mom followed into my room and either another one appeared or the same one re-appeared. Again it was flickering blue, red, and white lights and hovering in a slightly circular motion, then it disappeared out of vantage point. My mom and sister both confirmed they had seen it.


    -I have tried to record it with my iphone 4 which couldn't capture the object(s).

    -I've observed numerous other bright flying objects flying from around the same area the first UFO appeared.

    -Some of these were planes or jets (at least 30-40 coming from the same area) but many of them seemed odd.

    -Following observations from outside on ground level: Some of these jets/planes had really bright high beams, most made little to no noise, they varied in size including seemingly huge ones that seemed unlike normal commercial planes. They seemed to have many lights underneath- around 10, and again the colors of the lights were either blue, red, and/or all white/yellow. The skies are cloudy and foggy and it almost seemed like the weirder looking planes were making the skies hazy. Maybe I'm trippin' out but it created an illusion that is hard to describe with words.

    -I also observed a bright and stationary orange light in the distance behind the trees, perhaps in the hills but it could be above ground, I'm not sure. But it was from around this area that these UFOs and planes seemed to keep appearing from. Some of these UFOs/planes seemingly appeared or shined their lights out of nowhere but they all seemed to appear from around this area.

    -I did not see the same blue, red, and white lighted UFO that hovers/circles again after the first 2 sightings but I did see white lighted flying objects around the same area that seem to hover and circle and disappear and reappear around the same area the first UFO(s) appeared. These had singular and solid whitish lights, not flickering between blue, red, and white like the first one(s). I spotted this at least 5-10 times and I'm not sure if it's the same one I keep spotting but it disappears then reappears.

    -From the time I started typing this while looking out the window, the orange glowing light behind the trees is now gone. Planes and UFOs have stopped appearing for the last 5-10 minutes.

    -From Diamond Bar, CA., USA


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