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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UFO Sighting in Elgin, South Carolina on February 18th 2013

UFO Sighting in Elgin, South Carolina on February 18th 2013

One looked like a light blue hedlight in sky, and then another bright blue pin point light appeared and they circled each other. Moving horizontal and vertically.

Description: Driving on Two notch road around dusk. I saw one object like a headlight in the sky shooting across the sky then it was obscure by trees and a bridge on Clemson road. I thought maybe it was what is commonly called a shooting star. As i got clear of the trees and bridge the object shot back up into the sky where I noticed it started interaction with another small blue pin point lighted object.

They began to circle one another in rapid secession. They also moved very fast horizontally and vertically while circling one another. I had cars behind me so I couldn't stop to film or take a picture. Also there was no where to pull over at the time. I immediately thought maybe some kind of light show then realized there were no beams of light leading up to the objects. So I have no clue what these to things in the sky could have been. Especially with the way both moves and how quickly they did so. It all happened above Clemson road next to sand-hill shopping center.

As Reported: February 19, 2013 at 02:10AM

Content from Report filed with MUFON.

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