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Sunday, February 10, 2013

UFO Sighting in Raleigh, North Carolina on January 14th 2013 -

UFO Sighting Today: in Raleigh, North Carolina on January 14 2013

UFO Sighting 1-14-13 (Reported on 2-10-13) Object caught my eye because of bright light, motionless,hovering, light turned off then moved slowly towards west, it was solid shaped and larger than a helicopter. Shaped like a cigar.

Weather Phenomenon
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I was traveling home from job approaching a major intersection but before I reached traffic stop light I noticed a bright light in sky about 35 - 40 degrees over horizon. At first I thought it was a bright star in sky, then I thought it could’ve been a helicopter shinning a bright search light but I thought. Why would a helicopter be shinning a bright light in daytime. I took my eye off object for a couple of seconds to pay attention to traffic.

Then I saw object again the light was off and it was actually moving very slow toward the West. The object appeared to be about the size of a passenger airplane but didnt have characteristics of an airplane but more like a cigar. Both ends of object were equally curved. When the object omitted the light it appeared much smaller and the light was the brightest I had ever seen in sky, brighter than the sun. After the light turned off I could see the true shape of the object.

Unknown Cigar Shaped Object

Hovered, Morphed and Moved Away

It went from small bright glowing object, hovering, to lights off, cigar shaped, moving slow across sky. I felt sad because I didn’t record event. I lose track of object because I made a left turn off Duraliegh Road onto Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh N.C… I also attached a photo of an object I captured on film in 2008, as I was taking picture of sun rays bursting thru clouds during a thunder storm in Roanoke Rapids, N.C.

(As Reported to the Mutual UFO Network:

2012 UFO Video from Raleigh, NC

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  1. I recently witnessed a triangular shaped object on I-40 as I was leaving Raleigh, driving towards Cary NC, in the fall of 2012.
    It was about 8 pm just after sunset. The object was lit with 3 white lights, one per corner and one red, somewhere towards the center. The lights were not blinking nor was it a traditional aircraft lighting formation, or helicopter, because the pattern of the lights were too wide in the rear and by the direction it was traveling.
    I am positive there are not any cellphone towers in that area, I have confirmed this fact during the day, traveling that road.
    To someone passing by that evening, it would have appeared to be the top of a tower with beacon lights.
    I was able to continue to spot the object as I passed under it, through my sunroof. I slowed to about 40 mph, the object was barely moving maybe 20 mph, to the left of my vehicle above the inbound lane about 600-1000 ft in the direction of - west, south west. It's difficult to speculate because one cannot judge the scale of an object above the top of the trees at night.
    I do travel quite frequently and throughout the Carolina's, so I am familiar with spotting objects from my vehicle in the evening.
    My only guess as to what it could be, is a (UAV Drone) being used for police surveillance, and might have been in the area. I have done research on this subject and it is becoming common practice for these vehicles to be used in suburban areas, somewhat frequently as police forces are looking to new ways to fight crime. I have seen a similar looking object on YouTube, "UFO spotted in Raleigh" with the same light pattern but still no confirmations as to what this object really might be.

    On February 21st 2013 roughly, I was watching the local Raleigh news, and a report- "civilian spotted a UFO", but immediately corrected and reported as -(Military Training exercise) the news anchor.
    Apparently this is something that needs further explanation. If in all possibilities UAV vehicles are being used or "Sightings" we should know why.
    One of my ideas is that they could be used to catch people pointing lasers towards airplanes en -route to RDU, which pilots complain about. Another is that Raleigh needs to keep spending all mighty tax dollars to keep the streets safe!
    Who the hell knows. One thing for sure, it was not a helicopter, and I'm not the only crazy person in this town.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for your follow up to this UFO Sighting. I believe you should consider reporting this to one of the major UFO Networks. is a member of MUFON -the Mutual UFO Network - perhaps you'd consider reporting your UFO Experience and Thoughts/Opinions on the matter to them? I actually will be glad to submit this wonderful story you've written here in the comments, but only with your "thumbs up" of approval.
      Robert Hughey

      Real UFOs Blog.


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