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Sunday, February 17, 2013

UFO Sighting in Rochester, New York on February 16th 2013 - fire in color, formed a formation, changed speed (one did, to catch up?)caught on video and still

went out to eat with wife and 2 friends in rochester Ny. After dinner while leaving my wife said what the f@#k are those. We all saw them and were confused. Six other people were in the parkinglot and saw them too. We watched as three formed a triangle, followed by a fourth. Kinda formed an arrow of sorts. Then the rear light caught up to the front three, and they all formed a diangle line. Traveled for about 3 minutes then dissapeared one at a time startind with the front one. If these were the size of planes i would say they were 60 miles away, and traveled about 75-100 miles in 5 min. We have the phone video and a phone still, the still when zoomed in on revieled 10 more in the background that were not visible to the naked eye, and there appears to be an edge or a ridge that connected the seen ones to the unseen ones. They appear to have the same qualities as the pheonix lights, and many other videos i watched on youtube.The color was hard to describe, i called it fire color, although there was no tails i first thought meteorite, then helecoptors (no sound), then flares (did not decend but assended slightly. I have no idea what they really were. (As Reported to - the Mutual UFO Network) February 17, 2013 at 05:55AM

Content from Report filed with MUFON:

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