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Monday, February 25, 2013

UFO Sighting Northern KY/Cincinnati, Ohio

UFO Sighting Northern KY/Cincinnati, Ohio

I was driving home this evening/morning, happened to look up in the sky, and I saw a perfectly straight line of four or five orange lights that were immensely spread out, taking up a large amount space in the sky. After continuing to drive for a bit, the lights began to vanish individually until they all disappeared

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  1. i live in grant county ky. it was the beginning of june 2014. on my way home. i seen 2 lights in the sky looking as if car headlights in the night sky around 11pm. im not a person that believes this kinda stuff. i really cant explain it. it wasnt an airplane or helo. i ruled those possibilities out due to no noise no flashing craft marking light and it stayed in one spot possibly 200 feet above tree top level. now i hear heavy foot steps outside my camper where i live. i have set up inflare red night vision cameras hoping to spot what ever it is. it scratches on the side of my camper almost everynight. there is on problem. whem these events happen my dvr stops recording and the system shuts down as if being restarted. all i can find outside is 2 wide paths leadin out of the woods with small trees pushed down with force and hoof prints 2 times the size of a full mature bull. besides the size it lacks on feature that sets the prints apart. cows have a V shape pattern in their print. the print i seen has nothing. judging by the size and depth of the print. i would say around 8 foot tall and about 400 to 550 lbs. the trails that has appeared is no normal deer trail. its big enough for a full grown grizzly bear to stride with elbow room. now i have placed my gun a bed side locked a loaded. i have no fear of this. i wait for it. i will kill what ever lurk in the shadow.


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