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Friday, March 22, 2013

Black Triangle UFO Sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on February 14th 2013

Black Triangle Sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on February 14th 2013 - Spotted object 02/14/2013,1115 near Kirkland AFB

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Black Traingle Sightings
Graphic: Black Triangle UFO

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Trail left by USAF Aurora
Potential Aurora Trail

Black Triangle UFO Sighting

02/14/2013 11:15

Driving south on Wyoming, approaching Central/ Wyoming intersection. My eyes caught a motion which looked like an upside down comma straight ahead of me. It looked like a pencil lead gray colored streak. I assumed it was a plastic bag being swept up by a gust of wind. When I got to the stop light, I was the first vehicle in the far left lane. The traffic was heavy, the sky was was 100% clear, no apparent wind. Out of boredom I looked up to find the ” plastic bag.”

I saw a dark gray tear drop shaped object high up. It was stationary. The light turned green, I drove south on Wyoming looking up a few times, noting the object didn’t move. I stayed in the far left lane, again was the first vehicle at the next intersection, Wyoming/Zuni; the light was red. I looked up to find that the object had changed shape. It now looked like an elongated diamond, flat white-gray in color. The surface was a blank, no windows or rotors. I thought it could be a helicopter until I noticed that it was featureless. I kept my eye on it. When the stop light turned green, I looked up as I drove south on Wyoming. The object changed shape again.

I was stunned. It now looked like a stubby triangle, same flat white-gray color with three large round lights. The lights looked like faded heat lamps in color except the light emitted was intense and more white in the center. The object remained stationary. I kept my eye on it as I drove. I looked around at the drivers around me, no one appeared to notice this huge object. I looked at the buildings to the left of me and looked up, they were dwarfed by the object’s size. I thought the object was hovering near until i saw a military jet fly under it. The jet had a contrail, I thought it had taken off from the base by its angle of ascent.

I was very close to the base gates at this time. The jet was the the size of one of the triangular corners on the object. The object was clear. I could see it as if I could reach out and touch it. I pulled into a Chevron station located near the Kirtland base gates. I could see the object until I got out of my vehicle and looked up. It was gone. Coincidence? There were several jets crisscrossing the sky for the next hour. I felt no fear, only disbelief. I am grounded in science and a UFO skeptic. Could this be military? It had to ascend somewhere near or from ground level on base. It was always in front of me as I drove South.

Graphic of Aurora Sighting
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Editor's Note: I am extremely impressed with this Triangle UFO Sighting, as the Report is clear and detailed. You can also really get a sense of the Witness's state of mind. He seems genuinely surprised to discover that there really are unknown objects in our skies. Well, I enjoy blogging and keeping up with this site, and I hope that one day it will pay for itself and maybe even provide some for me, but I wouldn't be interested if there weren't huge Truths associated with the UFO Phenomenon. The problem is, of course, the high amount of faked images and footage that is spread about every day.

Regardless, that doesn't change the fact that there are still very real objects in the skies all the time:. You just have to start looking up to notice them. 

In this case: I think the Black Triangle was probably not one from the USAF - but I couldn't be sure. What many call the Aurora is said to somewhat resemble the first shape he described, but I have never heard of it changing shape or modifying itself, and the stealth plane technology that the US Military is currently using may be capable of refracting all electromagnetic energy (from radio waves to gamma radiation), but I did not find any evidence of patents or citations for "morphing" technology. That's foreign and, perhaps, alien.

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  1. Saw what we thought was a shooting star this evening over Lake Conroe, 7/12/14 around 8:40 pm, while fishing on dock in Walden. Called out to my husband and he saw it also. Looked like a white point with 2 white points behind, like a skinny jellyfish. Not a shooting star. I thought it might be a drone. He said it looked more like a missile. Disappeared shortly after.

  2. This happened during the daytime.( I was at home in Albuquerque) I saw a civil air patrol plane and a jet liner in the same airspace and wondered how dumb that was...As they both turned westward, I then saw what looked to be a white pencil like shape off to the north-west. Maybe Rio Rancho but I think still over Albuquerque. This pencil shape then breaks into three pieces That turn into triangular shapes(still white) and fly in three different directions. One South, one south-west and the other North-east. I think that while most of this could be explained, I don't think that the space behind the shape closing behind them when they first split up can.I try to keep an open mind about things so I stand in the same place at about the same time every day waiting so I can get my pics. Dennis 949


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