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Saturday, March 23, 2013

UFO Sighting in Buffalo, Texas on March 8th 2013 - Solid Light like a plane, flashed and disappeared as if it went up into space

UFO Sighting Content We were driving back from Galveston to Dallas. My fiance pointed out the light thinking it was a satellite or maybe a space station except we noticed a trail left behind. We watched as it went across the sky, stopped for a split second and then just vanished in a small flash of light but the light did’t fade like a normal shooting start or meteorite would, it flashed and there was a small trail that went up, as if it stopped then shot up higher into space. It disappeared in plain view maybe 35 degrees above the horizon, no buildings or trees disrupted our view and we had a good view of other stars etc for reference (its out in the middle of nowhere and no surrounding light pollution) Crowdfunding is easier than you think. Here’s my favorite online fundraising resources to raise money quickly for: □Healthcare Treatment Costs and Fees □A sick or injured animal needing expensive medicine or procedure □Pay Tuition, fees, books; pay back your Student Loans □Charity/Non-Profit Donation □Honeymoon/Wedding Expenses □Travel Expenses of mission trips □Funeral Expenses or In Memorial of the Dear Departed

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