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Friday, March 1, 2013

UFO Sighting in Colton, California on February 27th 2013 - fireball ufo

UFO Sighting in Colton, California on February 27th 2013 - fireball ufo

stepped outside on the patio a couple minute after 9pm with my mom i know this cause the movie we were watching on tv just ended and we went out side to get some fresh air, i sat down looked towards the hills north west from where i was and i noticed a bright orange light flickering at first i thought it was a plane going low over the reche canyon hills as we are used to living near a military base and flight paths change over it constantly but the fire had sort of a hour glass shape to it the bottom slightly smaller then the top. I then thought it was a fire on the hill reason being is that we live in a valley and you can hear every plane fly over for miles from a cessna to a troop carrier, but this night was incredibly quiet and on second glance the fire was on the hill itself… so i told my mother there was a fire on the hill and i pointed it out to her we watched and she thought it was a spot light on the satalites but they were on the other hill further west we continued to watch what we thought was a beginning of a fire but it wasn’t expanding like one after a minute or so it suddenly began to flicker more erratically and started to rise a bit from the hill the fire burned out slowly you can see from the fiery light it was sort of oval shape the only thing left visible on it was a pulsating light that flashed a few times showing that it was heading west from where it was then that light on the object disappeared as well.. following day on the news there was a small thing on the news over a dozen people saw a fireball in the sky in Riverside, Colton, San Bernadino and later that same night it was seen in San Diego, they had no answers to what it was… (As Reported to - the Mutual UFO Network) March 01, 2013 at 06:29AM

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