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Friday, March 22, 2013

UFO Sighting in Fort Erie, Ontario on June 20th 2004 - About 50 sharp rectangular dark objects seen flying one after another very fast

UFO Sighting Content It was a summery night and I was back from work. I was in the drive way and was very tired, so before getting out to open the garage door I decided to open the driver seat and lay down to relax in the car for a few minutes. I also had my sun roof open and was watching to spot any shooting starts. I then realized that very faint and dark rectangular/cylindrical objects were flying in the sky from south to north, very fast. They made absolutely no flight noise; saw approximately 50 of them flying after one after another at the same speed. After about a minute, there was no more flying objects to be seen. Waited another 10 minutes, examined the entire sky from outside the car, nothing unusual to be found. Crowdfunding is easier than you think. Here’s my favorite online fundraising resources to raise money quickly for: □Healthcare Treatment Costs and Fees □A sick or injured animal needing expensive medicine or procedure □Pay Tuition, fees, books; pay back your Student Loans □Charity/Non-Profit Donation □Honeymoon/Wedding Expenses □Travel Expenses of mission trips □Funeral Expenses or In Memorial of the Dear Departed

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