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Saturday, April 27, 2013

UFO Sighting in Algonquin, Illinois on April 26th 2013 - Five objects spotted over village in Il by husband and wife.

Hello, My wife and I were taking the trash to the curb during the evening of 4/26/13, after dropping a bag on the curb I turned to my left and something caught my eye over the neighbors house. I saw three orange lights coming from the southwest, I looked for a second and then called my wife. I told her to come over to the darker area of our yard and look up. She immediately saw the lights, and wondered what it was, as i did. I looked clearly at the lights and saw they they were spherical in shape(round) then noticed the color changing every 2-3 seconds from red, yellow, orange. As they were over head I asked my wife to listen for any sound, she did not hear any. We did not any hear sound from the beginning till the end of the event. The objects proceeded over us slightly to the east. I asked my wife to look for any movement and as we watched, one of the objects went from next to one of them (right side), to under one of them, the others remained on their path. I asked her if she saw it move and she said that it did. We stood there and watched until the faded to the northwest. I looked back and looked over the neighbors house again and quickly saw another one. I watched it for a few seconds, then told my wife to keep watching it. I ran into the house and yelled for my son to come down quick. I grabbed my camera and ran outside with my son. I showed him the one fading away, he saw that it was not blinking. I changed my camera to video mode in hopes of another one coming overhead. I was standing on the south side of my yard, street lights to the west, the full moon to the east I think, and house lights everywhere. Sure enough another object flew over the neighbors house to the south. I was standing there, nothing to lean against, I did the best I could. From what I can tell, the beginning is the best. I have the neighbors houses in the background, you can see the object moving relative to the houses. The object went over my neighbors house, so I ran around it to get a shot of it's departure. In the video you can see the object get smaller. My cameras card ran out of room at this point. The other object my wife, son and I witnessed eventually vanished from sight. No other object altered their path. All objects seemed to be following the same general direction. I cant say what this was, maybe you have a logical explanation, please let us know what you think. By the way, I also had a sighting in 1978 that I never reported. Different story, a long time ago! Thank you for you time.

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