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Sunday, April 7, 2013

UFO Sighting in Hazard, Kentucky on April 7th 2013 - Witnessed a glowing light that wobbled slightly in a circle as it moved slowly from the South East to the North East not making any noise. Two planes seemed to fly with the object between them.

I was sitting in my yard observing the sky, when I looked to the south east i thought I saw what was a meteor (shooting star) or maybe a satellite, but it was moving far to slowly and two jets seemed to fly on each side of it, although no noise was ever heard. It seemed to wobble around in a tight circle getting bright then dim as it did so. I was excited to see something unexplainable, I immediately called my cousin and asked him to step outside and look at it, then I yelled for my girlfriend to see it. The object passed over the ridge line in front of my house as it traveled on what looked to be a straight course North East.

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