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Sunday, April 28, 2013

UFO Sighting in Hemet, California on January 1st 1958 - Mom didn't know she was abducted.

It was 1958. She was on Winchester Rd in Hemet, CA going West at midnight with her cousin who was 18 or 19. She explained the car they were driving would only do 65mph and they had it floored. They looked to their right and saw the ship. It had a belt in the middle which spun a different direction from the rest of the craft. She said it looked like it was made of crystals and different colored lights came from it. Their radio went haywire with static. They heard what sounded like a rope swirling. They had the pedal to the metal yet they were going nowhere... next thing they know they are at home, getting out of the car, about 4-5 miles away from where they saw the ship. They went up to their house and peered out the window. The spaceship was there and then it sped off. It almost seems like the aliens wanted to be sure they got home ok. They never spoke of it.

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