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Thursday, April 18, 2013

UFO Sighting in Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania on April 17th 2013 - Bright light, Almost lightning like. Incredible speed.

I was sitting in my car at a friends house waiting for him to get back home. As i sat there looking off into the sky i saw an extremely bright pulse of light in the sky which i at first thought was lightning. I realized there was not a cloud in the sky. so i thought the municipal airport was in that direction and though it may have been the runway lights. So i waiting to see if i could see the strobing of the lights in the sky and i did not. not even a half a second after thinking it was lightning or the possibility of it being the airport lights a black cylinder object shot through the trees at speed MUCH greater then any prop plane is capable of. It was a black cylinder object going in access of 700-800 mph it was in my line of sight for all of 5 seconds before disappearing through the foliage of the trees.

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