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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

UFO Sighting in Eau Claire, Michigan on May 7th 2013 - all started when i let the dog out to pee.observed lights hoovering , and orbs flying . after scaring my family they told me to let it go.the second night i took pics and recorded hours of the event. ill let them explain what i saw.

started to notice red , blue x-mas type colors flashing in sky ,after watching them return , I couldn't let it go. I could observe what look like a ball of electrostatic colors with my binoculars. I soon started seeing and recording unexplainable lights , especially in my area. After viewing my footage and realizing I caught the craft on video and still picture`s . I can pause the video and show 5 small orbs in direct line appearing to be one light. iv observed 2 big crafts in a field next to my house , while 4-6 orbs one in a gold/copper color and the other ones bright white moving on the ground , lighting up trees and landscaping. I want to share my observations and footage with someone who will help me deal with what I captured.

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