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Friday, May 10, 2013

UFO Sighting in Lawndale, North Carolina on May 9th 2013 - looked like stars till they shot towards echother and allmost crashed into one another

i was on my back poarch smoking a cig and seen something moving way above the aircraft lane leading into the charliote airport i thought it was odd because there was allready a 747 on aproch i thought it was a choper because there are alot around here but then it accelerated to an incredible speed thats wen i noticed the second one heading right for it just before they collided one swerved to miss and headed right towards the 747 at this point it was weird then the 747 changed his aproch and i knew i was witnessing something , the 747 droped about 15 degress then continued towards charliote airport i looked back to the object and it was hovering then the other one came back i tried calling my mom outside to c it but my cell made an screch and flashed then died from half a battery i looked at my watch and it was dead then my ears started ringing and havent stoped about the time they started ringing i felt tingles allover got weak and blacked out i came to standing an hour later and saw a blackhawk there insted

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