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Friday, May 31, 2013

UFO Sighting in Moreno Valley, California on May 29th 2013 - saw a star like ufo zig zag across the sky in up and down then in circles ,this was oberved also by my husband ,who could not believe his eyes and said can't be a ufo cause it has a red light on it even though it was jumping up and down way up inthe sky .

Went outside to cool down from the heat inside ,sat down and looked up at the stars as it was a clear night with some cloud cover but not enough prevent one from seeing the stars . AS I looked for few minutes I began to realize that one of the stars was making slow moving circle around very high up in the air . what was different about this star is that is that it did not twinkle at all it was a constant light round light , I thought Isaw some red on it for a second . It moved very slowly in a slow curve .Then it was directly southwest of me and the cloudcover was pushed away from it ,really cant explain this ,tried to take a picture just was too high in the air .Anyhow this object starts moving strangly back and forth zig and ziging up and down like a yoyo ,but in the center of this cloud cover . so I start screaming for my husband to come outside .He comes outside looks up and says what ? .He looks at whats going on and says must be a hellocopter ,Isaid that high that gotta be at least 30,000 thousand ft or more and airplanes cannot do that as we are both watch this object jump up and down and go back and forth .he just shook his head and said well its has a red light so cant be a ufo because they donnot . He goes inside so I call my dad who is an aerospace engineer and tell him what Im seeing .As im talking to him I donnot realize this object has actually desended and has a very tiny light blue colored beam on it and its hitting somewhere near by .Just how far I couldn't tell because Iwas in such a state of shock talking to my dad .I'm still having ahard time believing what I saw .When I on my drive way for a better look the object was moving backwards in seconds way up in the air . It was up there was another object and then they moved in unsion moving very right to left then across sky . I went back inside frustrated Icould not get recording of this event .

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