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Sunday, June 2, 2013

UFO Sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on May 18th 2013 - three pulsating star-like objects in mid-day and a larger translucent oblong sphere

I had just crossed Broadway on the way to the gas station to pick up something when I stepped into the McDonalds parking lot and saw three pulsating star-like objects appear one at a time and ascend from north-east of Sandia Crest. This intrigued me and I continued to watch. Their initial ascent appeared not to be from the mountain itself, but rather I would guess that they appeared less than 500ft above the crest at some distance further east. Their initial trajectory reminded me of anti-aircraft artillery tracer fire. They were ascending from the northeast to the southwest (directly towards the center of town. What caught my eye was how absolutely brilliant they were - brighter than stars. It is not unusual to witness bright reflections off aircraft in the area, but aircraft are different. These were constantly strobing. I can't imagine any man-made source of white light that bright in daylight. If it were a reflection, it would have to have been a faceted surface, but then again the objects did not appear to have any mass. They continued to ascend more slowly as they neared and gathered more distance between them. At this point, I was still thinking that it was something related to the base, but then I saw the game changer. They were ascending towards (if extrapolated) what appeared to be a translucent disk hovering several thousand feet above Albuquerque - nearly overhead. My first thought was that it was a weather balloon convinced that the bright lights were something on (an extremely long) tether. A lady was coming out to her car, which by this point, I was standing near. She asked me what I was looking at and I pointed it out to her. We watched and discussed the objects in increasing disbelief as more and more people began to notice us watching and then witnessed the objects as well. The entire incident lasted approximately 1/2-hour with the lady watching the latter 20 minutes of it with up to two-dozen other people observing them for varying periods of time. The three object continued to ascend and disperse around the sphere - still motionless - until they no longer appeared to pulsate, and did, in fact, resemble stars. Through the continued ascent, it was apparent to myself and the lady that the objects could not be on a tether, since they were now all around the sphere and appeared higher in perspective. At this moment, we took note of a Southwest flight descending to the Sunport and agreed how odd it would be for Kirtland AFB to do something of this nature 1) over Albuquerque proper and 2) not over their airspace and 3) still allowing commercial flights in the same vicinity. The three object began to become impossible to discern because of their altitude and the sun. It was then that the sphere (where up until this point still looked like an oval) started to move north. It then made a 90-degree turn east towards the mountains staying at a steady altitude, however the perspective this afforded us gave us the perception that the oval was actually an oblong sphere. Whenever the object changed direction, its orientation did not change. We also could agree, judging by the mountains, that it was a couple thousand feet higher than the mountains. It then moved north again. While moving north, it did vary its speed both accelerating and decelerating sharply at speeds not inconsistent with commercial aircraft, but performing maneuvers more similar to helicopters (absolutely, this was NOT a helicopter). It even appeared to do a tight horizontal corkscrew (like a whirlpool) before heading west while begining to ascend eventually disappearing (becoming so small, we could no longer see it). It was tan to translucent and shiny. The whole time we thought how odd everything was. I can't believe no one thought to take a picture. We left thinking that we would see it on the evening news because we were all pretty sure whatever it was would have afforded northeast Albuquerque quite the show. I even called a station to ask them to investigate. They said the Sunport and Kirtland AFB didn't report anything and that basically I was nuts. But two dozen people saw this. I must believe that their were more across town. Agreed, if it was Kirtland, they wouldn't own up to it if it were their's (or something else), but we were certain others would have witnessed this enough to cause a stir in the news - but NOTHING? I know what I saw. I know others saw what I saw. I just don't know what they were. True definition I suppose - unidentified - flying - objects. Not saying they were from space, just that there was nothing out of NASA's Fort Sumner balloon experiments (even though they moved unlike and balloon I have ever seen) and pretty uncharacteristic of anything Kirtland does. Hoping others that witnessed it have theories or different perspectives to develop a better picture (or maybe an actual picture?)

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