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Saturday, June 1, 2013

UFO Sighting in Americus, Georgia on June 1st 2013 - Several Alleged Satellites with Airplanes In pursuit

UFO Sighting in Americus GA June 2013 | ET Contact using CE-5 Protocols and CTS

Real UFOs Telepathic Techniques UFO Blogger's CE-5 Experience

UFOs Spotted and Contacted on 6/1/13 using CSETI CE-5 Protocols

This is the site author's UFO Sighting as described in the blog post on regarding Consciousness Ufology and Universal Natural Laws

Over the past few weeks I have been studying and practicing the CE-5 Initiative Protocols derived by Dr. Steven Greer, summarized in the CE-5 Initiative. Dr. Greer is most know for the Disclosure Project and the recent successful SIRIUS UFO documentary). I first had very interesting results using these methods, followed by startling CE-5 Contact that is called a "Lock On," used to describe the powerful moment when another living Consciousness literally "locks" on to your own.

It is a Conversation, though obviously other other mind does not speak English, but you fully know what the other is communicating, and you're clear the thoughts are not originating from yourself.  As I experienced this the first time, i thought to myself, "well, I'm officially either crossed over to Schizophrenia, or there really is some merit to what people have written, said on videos, written in books and tried to communicate about this for years."

After my initial contact, over the weeks I connected with other "minds," who followed it all up with a discussion (of feelings and images, to remind, not in words) of how to manifest and where when my city location was impractical.

But this week I am in rural GA where there is no light pollution or very much air traffic, and during my contact efforts I had several flyovers by star-like objects. First, the objects appeared and crossed part of the sky only to fade away, once appearing to possibly move at a perpendicular path from its trajectory to away from the surface of the Earth.

(edit: what is left out of this Sighting's experience, other than my as many spelling errors as I typed on my original post to MUFON, is the connection felt when the UFOs are Spotted. I still don't have the vocabulary to explain this, but for over half of the eight very bright objects that flew over my head I was very much aware that "it" or "they" were equally as aware of me as I was of them. I know how that sounds, but the feelings were strong enough that I must mention it in this report.)

I probably worded that badly, but I'm tired and this is on my Smartphone...

This may have been a satellite's reflection in the sun, though there's no record of such a satellite at that time. I suspect the Android App I used might not have every single satellite on record.

Further UFO Sightings in Americus GA, June 2013

Later, there were four flyovers by other star-like objects, all silent, and then the aircraft started to show up. The planes flew as if on intercept courses directly toward the objects, but they never caught up to the UFOs while in my field of vision.

At 530 am, a large cargo plane made a very low flyover of my location. It was at the time I felt as though there was something in the pasture behind my location. And I Heard tones and a pulsing sound, almost like the sound you hear near a transformer. I then had a feeling like there was a craft in the pasture and "they" felt it unsafe and unwise to "fully materialize."

...whatever that means...

There are four dogs here at this property where I am staying, and I feel its worth mentioning they became very excited when it "felt" like something was in the pasture. This experience validated the realities of some of what I've read from CSETI and other related groups, and I believe that further attempts will be benefited by the use of some equipment to get objective data -

such as a camera other than my phone, a passive night vision scope and other contact and recording devices for objective data collection. 

If I had some sort of way to see if anything was in the pasture other than just running blindly through the field, I'd have loved to use it. Any suggestions are welcome.

Maybe A passive radar would also be beneficial?

The presence of the aircraft make me nervous though, as while the entire experience could have been another set of coincidences, it also could imply that there were others aware of my attempts at contact and of the ET response to the Protocol. That worries me. That would imply potential roadblocks in the future.


A thought: why do so many assume that the UFOs and UFO Sightings reported are aliens or ETs? Some use phrases like inter-dimensional, but I propose that perhaps they are quite often even more different than that. It stands to reason that if we're talking about the frequencies and multiple dimensions of what is thought to be a multi-verse diverging through many different frequencies that conscious life may very well evolve and grow throughout each and ever possible permutation.

 I'm thinking most of those consciousnesses would be outside our current realm of understanding.  And we can be okay with that. Humans have a tendency to speak in declarations "this IS such and such," but never to simply admit we are okay not knowing until we are ready...

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