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Saturday, June 8, 2013

UFO Sighting in Gulf Shores, Alabama on June 7th 2013 - saw it go over my place got my place moving fast no sound.Grabbed my binoculars got them in focus for about 8 sec then it just vanished puff moke was all that was there

Just stepping outside to lock up my van.Looked up and saw an object coming from the South East it was moving very fast.Really didn't know it was weird until it got over head no sound a red glow all over with a fire of bright white coming from center of the object.It was shaped like a square building slanted in at the roof. I grabbed my binoculars out of the van,it is only ten to fifteen feet from my door, got it in focus for about 8 sec. then it just vanished, gone no noise no anything but a faint cloud of smoke .I am a plane person I live next to an airport,come to my home there are planes on the wall.Do not know what it was but it was not an airplane a blimp a floating lantern a flare a copter a bird a weather balloon or anything else I have ever witnessed in my life I am 61 so I have seen a lot.What ever it was moved in a straight line SW to NE

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