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Sunday, June 2, 2013

UFO Sighting in Hebron, Kentucky on June 1st 2013 - 2nd time we've seen it.starts out as a dull circle and then grows into a star like brilliance and then back to a dull circle then disappears while never moving.

My husband and I set out nightly make a little bon fire and relax before we go to bed.5 days ago above a tree in our neighbors back yard a brilliant light got both of our attentions and it withered away almost as quickly as it began.Last night in a different part of the sky than the sighting prior this same light appeared.Not a meteor (it was stationary and had not trail)This dull white solid circle appeared and then became as bright as the moon in the night sky if not brighter then slowly shrunk back to the dull circle and then disappeared.Pretty amazing.We live by the airport and this was no plane landing lights.It was not a star shielded by clouds because it was a clear night.I dont know what it was but I can tell you for certain it was not a plane or a meteor.This is our 2nd sighting of this light in the past week.It lasted about a minute.

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