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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

UFO Sighting in New York, New York on June 2nd 2013 - Father sees UFO decend behind a treetop; watching it flash red lights on and off from behind the tree(s); it shows a green line or arrow and causes lighting to strike in the area near or above the arrow; then takes off at impossible speed

This event was actually part of a series of well over 200 events (mostly physic-like precognitive phenomena) that I'm witnessing over the last eight or nine months. Although my father witnessed this particular event, I thought of "them" visiting the park he goes to and "they" showing him what he attempts to explain. During sunset, and while my father and his friend were talking in the park, they both viewed an object that descended behind a tree. While staying stationary behind the upper portion of the tree, the object then flashed two red lights in sequence; emitting green light and then proceeded to cause lighting to strike. After doing so, the object left. I can confirm that the lighting strike did happen, as I saw the clouds flash and heard the thunder from our apartment.

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