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Thursday, August 22, 2013

UFO Sighting in Sturgis, Michigan on August 17th 2013 - several orb sightings of various colors and patterns seen in 3 different directions

UFO Sighting in Sturgis, Michigan on August 17th 2013 - several orb sightings of various colors and patterns seen in 3 different directions

Just finished washing dishes and went outside to sit by lake. It was a calm and quiet night and you could see the stars and the lake was like glass.The sun had gone down. I was sitting and saw a red orange light come up and start floating towards my direction. It was very low and slow. I watched it and ran inside to get my binoculars, as I looked it looked like 2 objects it had no navigation lights. It made no noise and did not flash or pulsate. Just then another light came up and followed up the same path. The first light verred to the right. Others followed same red, orange light, then they came faster and then they would double up and fly next to each other. Some just vanished -while others went to my right (w). Then I was not sure what I was seeing since it was so close and unusual. Then some minutes passed and again now to the west over the trees I see a lot of red orange orb lights bubbling up and around the trees. then a large orb came up and was followed by several other orb lights at least 25 or more followed, they just went and followed in a straight line and then the orbs just kept coming and then again formed 2 flying next to each other and then formed a triangle with other lights following in some sort of intelligent kind of formation. It was crazy and I don't know how these orbs could form a line, a pattern, and double up. After this huge event I was in awe and dumbfounded, I sat for a couple of minutes- I looked over my shoulder and saw what looked like a bullet/pill white led light with a dull grey outline slowly move down in a straight line from the sky -like a star coming down from the sky. It slowly came down and disappeared into the trees to my right. WOW! The area during this time was very dark almost pitch black. The area was also quiet with no people noise or boats. Which I made the comment about. Then to my left I see again over the tree tops a line forming of these orange red lights that all do the same thing over again on the other side of the lake to the east. It looked like a a lead orange/red light would gather all the children and they would follow and make a triangle type and intelligent type of formation, follow in single file and walk in doubles, with some sort of chaperon light following here and there. Then after that several minutes passed and again from the south straight in front of me came a lone violet/red light the biggest seen that night. It was almost oval like a football. Soon it was followed about 2 minutes later by another large violet oval twin and then the first hovered and the other met with it. Other round orbs came up behind red, orange, white in color and smaller and round. The lights went to my right (west) and all followed to they were all gone about 7 lights. Crazy night in beautiful Michigan !!!!!!!!

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