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Saturday, November 2, 2013

UFO Sighting in Ontario, California on November 1st 2013 - multiple lights within a time span unknown if they were the same

UFO Sighting in Ontario, California on November 1st 2013 - multiple lights within a time span unknown if they were the same

I was driving eastbound on the 60 freeway through Pomona. I just drove past the 71 interchange. I spotted two white, CirCular objeCts in the sky. At first I thought it was the sun reflecting off windows on the houses in the mountain. Then I notiCed other drivers looking in the direCtion. They were very far apart. One appeared out by the San Bernardino area and the other was Closer to the mountains near RanCho CuCamonga. As the freeway dipped down, I lost sight of them, but I saw a CommerCial airplane flying west from Ontario International Airport. The plane was flying very slow. As I Continued to drive I saw three very large blaCk heliCopters suddenly appear and flew southwest very quiCkly. I got off the freeway at EuClid Ave and was still unable to see anything, but I drove east just North of the freeway and saw one light again. At this time I notiCed a strange pink/brown/orange mist like Cloud that made the sky look like there was a fire, a normal sight for OCtober for this area. The one I believed to be by the San Bernardino mountain range. From my view at the Kaiser on Vineyard Ave, it appeared away from the mountains now and was moving west. I pulled into a parking lot to try and take a photo, but it asdfghisappeared and then reappeared only to be heading south. I was unable to take a photo beCause it was too high or the light was beComing more dim. I Continued east and saw another light, exaCtly the same, but bright white, just as they were while I was on the freeway, in the southeast. Then, as I was looking at it, it was gone; it did not move, just disappeared. As I pulled into the alleyway behind my house, I saw it again in the east. This time, I did get a photo. By the time I parked my Car and walked upstairs, it was gone, although it would have been in plain sight. Lastly, by the time I took the piCture, the smoke/mist was gone. I am a rational person and I thought it was light refleCting from the mountain side houses, but the other houses were yellow in Color. Then I thought planes or heliCopters, but that made no sense based on size and movement or laCk there of (hard to tell while driving). I thought bright street lights. Then I Called my Mom. Any movement other than the two disappearing in front of me, would be two hard to desCribe, as I was driving. I was pretty freaked out when I Called my Mom beCause I Could not explain it. She told me that I reaCted the way I did beCause what I saw was not normal for my drive and my gut told me. When I saw the first one disappear and then reappear, I assumed I blinked or was too busy messing with my Camera. The seCond time, I was on the phone with her again, looking right at the light and it was gone. I freaked out with that. My stomaCh felt weird andasfgh my whole body got the Chills. At that point I had nothing to explain what I saw. There was nothing around the light.

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Credit: MUFON

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