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Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 UFOs: UFO Landing in Colorado on February 15th 2014 - Unknown Craft over Morrison, CO

UFO Landing in Colorado on February 15th 2014 - Unknown Craft over Morrison, CO

Craft over Morrison, CO approximately .25 mile above hogbacks about the size of a car with red lights flashing sequentially. Observed at around 8pm Feb 15 for only 3 minutes as I was driving; landed into the hogback just west of C-470 and the north side of Belleview. The second it hit the hogback it disappeared. As I've stated above it was the size of a car and hovered like a helicopter which had lights similar to a jet.

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Credit: MUFON

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  1. I had seen three red lghts in a formation of a triangle headed west that same night.At 06:14pm in Arvada.Lights were flashing slow and seemed to pulse at times.Then,one by one each red orb of light faded out as it traveled towards Lakewood. I called the news channels to report this sighting,they laughed it off as story of no interest.I think they don't like to air this type of stuff here in Denver.They must be lizards or something like what i heard about here in Denver.People need to know they are here and won't be going away anytime in our lives...lmao! I have been a UFO investigator for 15 years,and belong to some well known organizations.I think the news needs to take these stories more seriously.


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