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Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 UFOs: UFO Sighting in Georgia on January 15th 2014 - Huge Invisible Craft with red-orange lights.

UFO Sighting in Georgia on January 15th 2014 - Huge Invisible Craft with red-orange lights.

I was in Conyers, Georgia (Rockdale County) taking my dog out to use the bathroom when I was on my cell phone when I started getting strange noises on my phone and then the call dropped. Thats when looked up to the sky (which I do every night to look at the stars) when I noticed at a very close range (tree top distance) red lights in a formation (in a line) with one white light that did not blink or anything. The white light was consistent. My first thought was jets flying in formation until I realized there was no sound and also that I could not see the object that the lights were coming from at all. It was as if the whole thing was invisable except for the lights. I then started to follow the lights (which were not traveling fast at all) as far as I could to the vineyard behind my house, which allowed me to see this at a greater distance. It was HUGE, like five times the size of our airplanes today. At a distance over the clearing I could see how it was actually a sphere shaped object based on how the red-orange lights moved around it. There were six red-orange lights with one white in the center and the way the lights faded in and out was not how any of our planes do today. Plus, the size and color was different. I was never the type of person who never believed in UFO'S until like I always said "if I see one" and now I did. The other thing that was strange was this event only lasted about ten minutes but after it all I noticed my dog was gone for over an hour which was very strange. He is a well trained dog and never runs off. After this though I have been getting some of the worse headaches ever and a sense that their (UFO) presence here on earth is more then the human race understands. I have this unknown knowledge as to why all of this is happening and why it is actually occuring a lot more at an alarming rate. These things communicate at a much higher frequency and know things that only one humans internal (spirit self) would know, but even then the human would not know this if they are not in tune within themselves. I know this all may sound strange but "We" as the human race should see their presence as a clear waring as to what is ahead for all human kind. I will say this that it is very close to that time and the world will not see it coming nor will we ever see anything like this again. I know a lot more then depicted within this email but the facts are the facts and its at a point being closed minded is exactly why were all are in this predicament. There are some though who walk this planet who know exactly what it is that I am saying. Some who will try there best to stop it from occurring, while others push for the happening. All I can say is the truth of everything all the way to the one question to it all is this.... We the human race needs to know why it is we are all here today and why we may not be here tomorrow. Its a very deep and intresting journey.

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Credit: MUFON

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