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Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 UFOs: UFO Sighting in Seward, Pennsylvania on February 24th 2014 - rectangular shape with red,blue, and green lights running down center

UFO Sighting in Seward, Pennsylvania on February 24th 2014 - rectangular shape with red,blue, and green lights running down center

i was taking my dogs out for the last time at around 2:45am shortly after i noticed these colored lights coming from a westerly direction, at first i paid no mind to them, then i realized they were getting brighter and that there was no noise. as the object got closer i could make out a rectangular shape. i continued to watch for a few more minutes as the object continued on a northeasterly course,then just as it started to come over the mountain it just stopped and hovered. it sit there hovering for a few minutes before i realized this isn't an airplane or helicopter or blimp it was totally silent. at this time i noticed that the colored lights were pulsating left to right, right to left. i immediately called for my wife to come and see this object, she had no sooner got out the door when the lights got extremely bright then went out. seconds later the lights came back on, dim first and then bright again. these lights were the brightest lights in the sky, extremely brighter than the stars and any aircraft running lights. there are 4 airports in a 40 mile radius, the closest being johnstown's john murtha airport, where they keep attack helo's and other military aircraft which you can hear coming before you can even see them. as my wife and i were watching the object we noticed that there was another craft off to the left of the first one, i told my wife im getting the camera . when i came back outside the lights started to get bright again then all of a sudden the lights on first object changed to form the shape of a diamond. i immediately put the camera on video and started to record, i recorded for about 30 seconds , then hit record again. the object in the viewfinder was so bright that not even the stars were visible. then as soon as i was done recording i happened to look to the right of the object and noticed that there was another craft similar to the other two. either there were three objects or one extremely large object. it looked like the 3 objects were equal distances apart, if it was one object this thing had to be at least a mile or more across. i have 2 videos but don't know how to upload them to the site.

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Credit: MUFON

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