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Thursday, April 24, 2014

2014 UFOs: UFO Sighting in Ocean City, Maryland on June 30th 1976 - metallic sphere sitting stationary in the sky

UFO Sighting in Ocean City, Maryland on June 30th 1976 - metallic sphere sitting stationary in the sky

While traveling to the beach with my parents, I was riding in the back seat of our 1971 Grand Prix. I was about 14-15 years old. We were going to Ocean City, MD, if my memory serves me correctly. I happened to look out the small, angled windows from the back seat and noticed a metallic sphere sitting stationary in the blue sky with clouds around it, but not obscuring the object. I was completely puzzled as to what it was, and my first thought was a balloon of some sort, since it was round, but was mesmorized over the object and I could not take my eyes off of it. The more I looked at it, I noticed it could not be a balloon because it was perfectly round and an obvious metallic material; it was highly reflective like polished aluminum, NOT CHROME. This went on for roughly 15-20 minutes and suddenly the object vanished right before my eyes. It didn't fly away, it went from sitting there to vanished, in an instant. My first reaction was to stare at where it was last located in complete disbelief. I struggled to comprehend how something could just vanish without a trace of any kind. Well, once this happened I immediately jumped to the conclusion that I had seen a UFO. Being a small kid in the 1960's, I was always fascinated with science and especially the space program. I had never seen an object or craft like this and haven't seen anything like it since. I have attached a re-creation I illustrated in Photoshop to try and give you a better idea of what I witnessed. I am a Graphic Designer by trade, so I employed my experience with this software; it is NOT a photograph. I really wish this was more recent and I did have an actual photograph. I hope this is not a waste of your time since it has been so long ago.

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Credit: MUFON

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