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Friday, May 9, 2014

2014 UFOs: Black Triangle Sighting in Noblesville, Indiana on May 7th 2014 - Ufo followed me and my girlfriend home when we drove home from the movies.

Black Triangle Sighting in Noblesville, Indiana on May 7th 2014 - Ufo followed me and my girlfriend home when we drove home from the movies.

It was May 7th, 2014 at 12:50am. Me and my girlfriend just left the movies and were on Cherry Tree Road when I noticed an orb of light in the sky that suddenly flew up on us with incredible speed. As I kept driving we noticed the orb was actually following us so we stopped in the middle of the road to check it out. The orb was moving across the sky and when I stopped my vehicle the orb also stopped and hovered in place, then I hit the gas a little bit and when I did the UFO also began to move and then I came to a stop again, and so did this orb of light. Me and my girlfriend were both freaking out by this point because we know there is no way for an airplane to just stop in place and hover, and this thing was following us. This craft also had no sound to it. So anyway my girlfriend was freaking out begging me to take her home and at this point I was a little freaked out so I turned my car around and started heading home and as soon as I did I could see the object in my side mirror it suddenly turned into three balls of light (bright white) all side by side ( I believe on the same craft) and it flew up on us again, me and my girlfriend both started to freak out but I decided to turn the car around to get a better look. When I turned around the craft stopped coming towards us and hovered in place and was now again one ball of light. I drove towards it and it began to move away from us. I again stopped in the road and the orb also stopped. I told my girlfriend "it is following us watch when I stop it will stop." I stopped the vehicle and the orb also stopped and hovered there. I said "now when I hit the gas it is also going to accelerate." So I hit the gas hard and got to about 30 mph. This orb immediately matched our speed as soon as I hit the gas. I said, "watch it is going to stop when we do." I slammed on the brakes hard and came to a dead stop. So did the orb. My girlfriend absolutely lost it then and was almost crying. My girlfriend begged me to take her home and so we left. She was scared and I didn't want anything to happen to us so I drove us home. The object followed us the whole way and seemed to dissapear once we got in my drive way. We both were FREAKING OUT. I was absolutely fascinated by the fact we could have just made contact with aliens or some kind of super advanced technology. While this was happening I pulled out my iphone and tryed to record a video. Even though the object was pretty close, my camera made it look as if it was miles away. Shitty ass iphone.. I was pissed, I filmed for a few seconds and turned my phone off realizing I couldn't get a clear enough video. I have attached my video below, you can see the orb of light blinking in the sky but that's all you can see. I went out and purchased a 300 camcorder with night mode and 1080p recording so if this happens again I can document the whole thing. This is not a lie or a joke, this really happened and me and my girlfriend are both in shock over what we experienced. This was in noblesville indiana on Cherry Tree Road started at 12:50 and we got home at 1:05. I checked the time because I thought we were going to get abducted and I made my girlfriend and I put our seatbelts on so we couldn't be... This was insane and my mind is blown! Idk what to think about what happened but it has affected me and it's all I can think about since that night. We have not told anyone else about this because we know we will just be called crazy. That's why I'm reporting it here, I'm also hoping there was someone else who witnessed this and reports it also.

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Credit: MUFON

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