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Monday, July 14, 2014

2014 UFOs: UFO Sighting in El Centro, California on June 25th 2014 - Exact color as a RED/ORANGE HOT BURNING SUN!!!!!!

UFO Sighting in El Centro, California on June 25th 2014 - Exact color as a RED/ORANGE HOT BURNING SUN!!!!!!

My father & mother, approx. 1968 in Morgan Hill, California, saw the underbelly of a "traditional" UFO- round shape, colored moving lights around the edges. They were standing under a walnut tree when they saw it. Later in life, dad would return from camping trips in the area between Mexicali, Mex and Tijuana/Ensenada called LA RUMOROSA. He'd come back almost in a panic telling us w/urgency that he was seeing hundreds upon hundreds of UFOs traveling northward--California(?). I too, am now quite concerned of what I have seen in the sky FOR YEARS NOW. I have no one to talk to, feel kind of alone, don't trust. My last event happened evening of June 25,this year, 2014 approx. 10 PM. What I have seen has changed me, so my NOW life I am compelled to look upward - day & nights. Almost daily, I sit or stand on top of a solidly-build shed, appox 6.5 feet high. There I scan the sky carefully. (Dad taught me how: look 1st w/your eyes. This world aircraft should fly on somewhat of a flat plane -right, i.e., not up & down unless severe weather. Should fly on a straight path, not sideways, etc, then when you spot something suspicious, then quick, grab your binoculars, telescope, etc!) Anyhow, this evening I was standing on the shed, looking to southwest direction. All of the sudden from just left of a wood utility pole that was in my view, (behind next door neighbor's house) I saw a RED ORANGE basketball size BALL MOVING EVER SO SLOWING ACROOS THE SKY, going eastward, like towards Mexicali Mexico. It was far away, maybe 5 - 10 miles away? The color was BURNING HOT SUN, but NO flames, nothing, just a SUN-LIKE ROUND. This thing stopped in mid-air 2X for a few seconds, then continued its path. POEPLE ON INTERSTATE 8, going WEST MUST HAVE SEEN IT. Pleas report it!! There is so much UFO activity here Imperial County. I live amongst law enforcement & legal profession, so in too much fear of ridicule to "share."

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Credit: MUFON

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  1. I also saw this sun like figure up in the sky. This was also in El Centro CA, on Monday 7/14/14, at around 9:10 pm. At first I thought it was a meteor coming down towards me, or coming from the North, Southward in to El Centro. Then it stopped in the sky and became more bright, like a sparkling red/orange bright light. It seemed to be still, hovering in the sky. Then after about 3 minutes, it changed direction heading north of El Centro. Little by little it started disappearing into the night sky. I see helicopters and planes all the time in the night sky, flying over El Centro. This bright red/orange object was nothing like a plane or a helicopter. I was definitley excited to being seeing this.


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