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Thursday, August 28, 2014

2014 UFOs: UFO Sighting in Washington Township, New Jersey on August 14th 2014 - Bright orange bell-shaped, moving across backyard

UFO Sighting in Washington Township, New Jersey on August 14th 2014 - Bright orange bell-shaped, moving across backyard

On August 14th at approximately 20:30, a storm was approaching and the sky in the Northwest (behind our house) was black. I was at home and I walked out my back door and picked a tomato off a patio plant. I then walked to the fence on my right and tossed the tomato over it, for the birds. When I turned around, I saw a large orange/red glowing object that reminded me of a burning ember from a fire, very bright. My first thought was obviously, "what is that?!", my second thought was that it looked like "a jellyfish on fire". It came from over top of the neighbor's lower roof (which is probably 10 feet high), moving steadily toward the Southeast, through our backyard. It seemed to move right through trees/leaves - if it navigated around them, I didn't notice that. There was no sound, no smell, no anything. It appeared to be tranlucent with fire inside of it (or like churning gas), and at some point I saw a clear edge to it - I remember thinking I could see through it, if it weren't for all that fire inside. When I say it looked like a jellyfish, it was the shape of a contracted, bell-shaped jellyfish. It was approximately 6 feet off the ground moving through the backyard, and I was only about 10 feet from it at one point. I estimate the size to be 8 feet tall by 5 feet wide. It moved at a pace like a fast walk, but steady. I screamed for my husband, who ran out the back door. I was running to the side of the house, pointing and yelling, "Do you see it?!" My husband ran past me to the side yard. My husband only saw the bright orange glow, not the object itself, because there were trees blocking his view of it by the time he got there. Knowing I would lose sight of it on that side, I ran to the other side of the backyard (where I had thrown the tomato over the fence). I was expecting to see it clear the front of the house, low to the ground like I just saw. I saw it in the sky over the houses across the street, climbing higher in the sky - it must have climbed pretty fast because it was only about 6 feet off the ground in the backyard, now it was way above the trees on the other side of the street. While I was watching it from the backyard, my husband ran in the house, grabbed his phone and ran out the garage door. In the backyard, the tree leaves were now blocking my view, so I ran through the house and out the garage door too. The object had been in the East/Southeast sky at about helipcopter altitude, when I saw it from the backyard. By the time I ran out front (only a matter of seconds), it was now in the Southwest sky and very high up, where planes fly. We continued to watch it climb higher and higher until it was a bright glowing orange dot and then dissappeared. When I saw it, I wasn't scared - more amazed and curious than anything. I walked/ran toward it. I KNOW I saw something - in the days since I saw it, I've tried to reason away the sighting, but there is no other explanation. I looked at those memory lanterns people are sending up and while the shape was similar, the glowing intense color and size are all wrong. If it was a man-made article, like one of those lanterns, it would have gotten caught on something (trees, limbs, bushes, fences) as it passed through the yard. Our nextdoor neighbor was driving toward home at that time and saw a bright orange glow coming from our backyards. My husband took a picture with his cell phone camera, but all it shows is red/orange on the entire frame.

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Credit: MUFON

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