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Friday, September 12, 2014

2014 UFOs: UFO Sighting in Pacific, California on September 12th 2014 - Early AM Comet-like Cloud, Point of Light traveled out of it

UFO Sighting in Pacific, California on September 12th 2014 - Early AM Comet-like Cloud, Point of Light traveled out of it

Early morning just before the first signs of Dawn I was walking on the Wetlands, using a trail made for bikes/ped that circles the old dump in American Canyon. I checked my Watch at 5:55 (4min fast)... I Looked up from my watch at the moon, Clear Sky - No Prominent Clouds or Features caught my attention - and for various reasons I try to pay attention to the sky. I Look at the Watch, Look at the Moon, Get my coat on and take my hairtie off - Look Back toward the Moon in the West and there is a very odd cloud in the sky. "Comet?" was my first thought. "but No comets have been forecast" The shape of the cloud is what made me think this... But right away there was a Obvious issue with any comet hypothesis... The cloud was in a circular formation. I wasn't sure what I was Seeing. I was Alone, so I gave it my undivided attention. I pulled my phone ding the best I could to not take my eyes off the scene- but my camera on my S3 wouldnt pick up anything in the low light. Whatever it was it was picture worthy for sure. Hand Open at arms length, the cloud appeared to be that size, in a 8o'clock to 3 o'clock clockwise swirl, starting diffuse and broadened at the 8 position, more or less tightening into the "Comet"- 12 to 3 segment, with a very luminous cloud of water(like)vapor, to the Glowing Bright "Starlike" point of light at the head of the "Comet" (3 o'clock). Wish I had a picture but, hope that helps. Right Away my impression was that this was a Static formation. No visible changes right away. I stood there watching for 15 - 20 seconds before I noticed any change in the scene. The Point of light at the Nose of the Comet moved slowly out of the "nose" - leaving a "horn" or a Pointed trail of cloud as it moved - until it was well apart from the cloud. The "Object" that moved slowly out of the cloud on a linear trajectory grew dim until it seemed to be stationary again at the brightness of nearby stars - some one finger width away from the cloud where it made its exit. It could've been a man made rocket or something, I have never seen anything like it, but I also have never seen a space flight. Just the thought that this could be some project of ours makes me feel like a MORON for writing all of this. There have been folks I have ultimate trust in who say that they have witnessed rockets or missiles flying into orbit from the Bay Area.... A Guy in Sunol says he saw something similar but he put about 1/12 the effort into his description, but hey- He has a Job to do, and even if his brain capacity turns out to be less than mine- he is infinitely more important to what we call "Society". "Thanks for the Report though, Hope you weren't late to work." It would be cool to get a look at some photos if there are any- "Sunol" describes something like what I saw with some mention of "Shadows" and "Craft"... while i only saw a Light. Anyway... Hope this helps someone else feel like they know someone else saw what they did- perty much all MUFON is good for. Thanks MUFON. BTW where the Event took place is in an unknown location West of my position- its DUMB for you (MUFON) to ask me where it took place when I Dont Know. It was NOT over Napa County but seeing as I need to satisfy your Page - I guess it did now. Polish up your Criteria because that is Misleading, or Add options for regional estimates such as "Over the Water/Ocean?" BBTW - this form is retarded- I dont have time to keep specifying specifics for MUFON who Doesnt Care/Do ANYTHING with this Information. If You Guys want to Know if it made a Sound- CALL ME. or FIX THE FORM. IT DIDNT MAKE A SOUND.

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Credit: MUFON

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  1. My friend and I were walking our dog up at Ramona Bowl in Hemet, CA and saw the same orb of light right about 6am


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