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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 UFOs: UFO Sighting in Mount Vernon, Ohio on July 15th 2014 - Bell Shaped object flying very slowly overhead

UFO Sighting in Mount Vernon, Ohio on July 15th 2014 - Bell Shaped object flying very slowly overhead

I have been hesitant to report any of this, but this happened months ago. I remember it being summer, around my birthday. I had gone up to a buddy's place to hang out with him and his family. They were inside the house, and I had stepped outside to smoke. I was standing in his back yard out in the country. I looked up, and saw a grey object that was "Bell" shaped somewhat hovering above and over the neighbors property. It was round, and looked like a giant bell. It was a clear day with no clouds out, at first I thought it may have been a blimp or hot air balloon, but realized quickly that it was not. It made no noise what so ever, and had no visible lights which I could see. The only noise I could hear was a little but of local traffic coming from a nearby state highway. The object was grey, and had dark circles going around it, which I believe are windows. I could not see any markings on it, and could NOT see any standard aircraft lights on it (The Blinky ones). The object which I saw was already proceeding slowly overhead in a southern/ southwestern direction. IF I had seen it while it was directly above me, it would have only been about 200ft above me (+/-). However I only saw it when it was over the neighbors property close to their driveway. I only saw it for maybe 3-4 minutes at most. I was near the back door to my buddys house, and I opened the door, and said "Hey, There is a UFO out here" I had said it in kind of a soft, almost unbelievable tone, because at the time, and still do, do not beleive in UFOs. My Buddy Mike, heard me, while his brother and his brothers wife remained inside the house. Mike came outside, and stood near me, and I pointed at the bell shaped object which was still moving in a southern direction. I asked mike "Do you see It? what is it?" He responded that he did not know. The object went over top the trees crossed over the state route and could not be seen due to trees obstructing our view of the object. Mike has come out, and maybe only saw it for about a minute or two. The only reason Im reporting it now, is that I was watching TV and saw a show in which NAZI scientists had a similar shaped object on it. But unlike the one pictured on TV, this had dark "windows" going around it and was grey/silver in color. The one on TV looked much smaller than what I had seen, the one I saw looked between 30-40ft across, and maybe 20 ft high. I could draw a picture of it, I had my cell phone with me, and should have taken a picture, however I did not.

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Credit: MUFON

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