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Friday, September 9, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Clearwater, Florida on September 9th 2016 - Observed 4 lights overhead at high altitude traveling ENE to SSW, maintaining constant speed, 3 maintained formation, trailing light maintained speed but distance increased slightly

1. Sitting in backyard, in Clearwater FL, observing night sky with husband. No lights illuminating the yard or any interior rooms to negatively effect night vision. 2. Motion of lights in the sky caught my attention. 3. When I first saw the 4 lights, at approx 11:05pm, I thought they were associated with a mass of some sort. But I think that was more my mind trying to figure out what it was seeing than actually seeing a "thing." 4. There were 4 amber lights traveling ENE to SSW. I sighted them approximately 80 degrees above the horizon and followed them for approximately 60 degrees until they were on longer visible (reason in #6 below). They were at a high altitude and no noise was heard. There were no aircraft in the visible sky at the time. They first appeared in a diamond formation, and after 4 or 5 seconds the rear light increased distance from 3 lead lights, however they all maintained a constant rate of speed. The 3 front lights formed a triangle with the one light being the point and the next two forming the base, which was the widest part. The distance between them was not more than a pencil-width at arm's length. The lights were as bright as the star Altair (which was overhead at the time, per Google Skymap). When the trailing light dropped back it was no more than a pencil and a half to 2 pencil widths away and it maintained the same airspeed as the other 3 lights. The intensity of the lights remained the same and never varied. 5. Immediately upon spotting the lights I called my husband's attention to them. His vision is such that he was unable to witness anything. I was excited to see something in the sky and keep looking at them until I lost sight of them. I was initially seating and stood up to point out to my husband where they were. I called out/narrated what I was seeing. As they moved farther away I stepped back and then on tip-toe to see them until losing sight. The entire episode lasted probably 15-20 seconds. After losing sight of them we both sat down and recapped what had happened. I then went inside to check FlightAware to see if they were on radar - they were not. I made notes of the event. And got METAR from KPIE which is 5.5 miles SE of our house. Report as follows: METAR KPIE 090253Z AUTO 10012G18KT 10SM CLR 28/23 A3004 RMK A02 LTG DSNT SW SLP173 60000 T02830233 51015 6. The objects disappeared momentarily (1 second) and reappeared before finally disappearing in the SSW. I believe that there was very low clouds - scud - that was developing which is what caused the intermittent visibility before finally obscuring my view.

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Credit: MUFON

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