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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Grafton, Illinois on 2016-09-13 00:00:00 - Was hunting squirrels in forest and saw a triangle like ufo.

I was out hunting squirrels at hazlet state park outside of grafton illinois on 9/13/16 at around 5:45ish 6. i was hunting in a bluff elevated area when i noticed some of the wildlife in the area acting odd such as bird flocks moving very quickly in the sky like a eagle or other predator was chasing them and they were moving in a rapid flock change,and even a few deer moving quickly in a panicked run along with a strange absence of squirrels and other small wildlife i usually see when i am out hunting i also noticed that my cell phone had a total loss of service although i usually do not get good reception in the area but i do get some service as i have hunted this area in the past with some service i did notice however that my compass on my paracord bracelet was going odd directions instead of true north although this is not a professional compass i have never had it act this way before. after i moved from the spot i noticed this from i came near a bluff over look when i noticed something in the sky that i first thought to be a helicopter in the sky but upon further look i found it to be a large triangle object in the sky that was motionless. there was no noise coming from this object like a helicopter would have and no motion from this and it was a silvery gray and black object with no visible windows i did zoom in with my scope on my rifle but it is not a very powerful scope but i did see some small bright lights on its underside that did blink a few times during this i didnt feel unsafe just really freaked out and confused. after about 10 minutes it began moving silently away from the area towards alton but i lost track of it as it was moving fairly quickly and i could not follow it because of tree line. after i left the area and went back to my car my phone had service again and my compass was acting normal but i did have someone mention seeing something in the sky when i went to get gas in grafton. after i saw this i told a coworker who told me to contact this place.

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Credit: MUFON

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