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Monday, September 26, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Bothell, Washington on 2016-09-26 04:30:00 - Large, stationary, bright, flashing white & violet object/light/orb that seemed to constantly change shape

I was taking the dog out & something bright & flashing caught my eye in the sky (ne). i could tell it wasn't a star or plane, and it was rather low on the horizon. i couldn't see it well, though, so i went back inside to get my glasses. i also grabbed my cell phone & put it on camera. back outside i could now see the unusual, bright flashing (mostly white but also violet/purple) object, and it seemed to constantly change shape. idk because it was hard to tell. so i stood in a darker spot on the sidewalk away from lights in parking lot & took pics. i forgot & left flash on at first, so those didn't turn out, but the object still shows up in those 2 pics. then i took a pic with no flash. i tried to zoom in best i could. then i tried to take a video, but every time i tried that, i couldn't find the object in my camera view for some reason. so i then took 2 more still shots. after examing my photos (including zooming in) inside, i noticed the more violet/blue color more, and i also see that the light/object/orb did indeed change shapes. it continued to stay in one spot in the sky (stationary). i felt afraid when i went back outside after i first spotted it. it really scared me that my flash went off b/c i worried "they" might see it from up there. and i surely didn't want to draw attention to myself. i was praying. i never lost site of the light/object/orb. i was too scared to stay outside. it never changed its position the last i saw. i'm afraid to look even now. can't sleep.

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Credit: MUFON

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