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Thursday, September 15, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Livonia, Michigan on 2016-09-14 20:32:00 - Hovering / flashing lights in the sky - 3 lights forming a triange, then a glowing orb

Last night around 8:30pm while my son and i took our dogs out for our daily walk, which is always the same route, i noticed a "star" in the sky where there's usually no star. i also noticed some planes going by. my son and i were looking at the light and and planes and definitely agreed this was not a plane or a star. it was brighter than a star and appeared to be moving very slowly. my son says he saw a green light attached to it that was flickering, but i did not observe that. after the walk, i went into my back yard where i could clearly observe. it was to the west and a bit south. it looked really far away. i was trying to determine again for sure if this was a plane, but it was hovering and moving slowly downward. within the first half hour or so, i watched about 15 planes go past it. at first i thought the planes were headed in the direction of the airport, but they were not; and planes were flying past it from all directions. after a while the planes stopped flying by. i got my binoculars and noticed that the light actually looked like 3 lights, in a triangular form. it looked like an acute triangle with the sharpest point (maybe the front of the craft) facing down-left. i handed the binoculars to my son, and asked him what he saw. he described the same thing: 3 lights forming a triangle with the point on down-left. i continued to watch the light for a couple hours, and with my eyes, it appeared to flicker and hover slowly moving downward. i began recording with my iphone. it seemed to start moving around more. i tried hard to keep my hands still while recording, and the object would move out of my recording view. so, i would stop, focus on it, and start recording again. when i looked at the footage, i could see not just the one light, but lots of tiny lights around it flashing. also, there were no planes flying by anymore. with the binoculars, it didn't look like a 3-light triangle anymore. it looked like more of an orb. also it seemed to increase/decrease in size. once the light was so low in the sky that i couldn't see it anymore over the rooftops, i called it a night. this was around 10:40pm. i have no idea what happened after that.

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Credit: MUFON

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