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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Gatineau, Quebec on 2016-09-13 04:05:00 - Green, green blue with red moving lights object spoted in gatineau qc

I live on the second floor of a two storie apartment. at 3:55am tuesday september13 2016 i woke up to a feeling of fear & apprehension.It was as if i was beeing treatended by something or someone.I turned on the lights & thought i must have had a nightmare.I got out of bed & turned on the tv & lit a cigarette .At 4:05 am i got a sudden hurge to look out my back door (it was like someone telling to look out side).It was a very clear night & cool (not sure of the exact temperture but weather network was calling for 10c)at that point i noticed there were a lot if stars vissible .I could easily see orions belt in the south east.At about 70 degrees or so from my piont of view .As i continued to scan the skies (as i always do) i noticed what i thouth was venus then i saw it change colers from green to blue-green with red lights rotating side to side of the object.Ivery kwickly crabed my binocculars to get a closer look.That is whan i saw it was droping or shooting white balls light that seamed to disapeer within 4 to 5 seconds i watched this object hover & move from side to side for almost an hour as it moved & hovered sometimes dimming it mai have bin moving away * then cooming closser .It seam to be looking for something & perhaps surveying the area it was over .I lost sight of the object ater it dimmed out out site. it was not completly boomerang shaped but was more like a half circle & its size is very hard to estimate i can only say that it was well over a 100 feet long from my point of view i also noticed other very dim lights in the back ground i think where meteors but also worth mentioning. the thing that has me a little worried is waking up with fear & apprehension & that sudden"strong" urge to look out my back door.

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Credit: MUFON

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