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Sunday, September 11, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Sidney, Ohio on 2016-08-30 07:30:00 - I was driving and saw a 'silver bullet' in the sky , pulled over & watched till gone

I put my daughter on the school bus at 7 :15 am and then got in my car to drive from where i live ( just outside of town) and go into town. driving towards interstate highway 75... still in the country, i see over my left shoulder a silver bullet shape object. it was going my same direction and i watched it parallel to me, but a few farmers fields over. i almost thought it was a commercial passenger plane but saw no logo, no windows ,& no wings! i immediately found a place to pull over. i wanted to get a pic but couldn't get my cell fast enough . i jumped out of the car quick and saw it shoot away super fast and couldn't find it again. i looked for awhile. i had the strangest feeling that i'm not alone and someone wanted me to know that. i just went home. i couldn't believe that i saw it at first and it took me 2 weeks to file this report. but, what i saw was real. i grew up on an air force base and i know what plans look like. this was not a plane.

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Credit: MUFON

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