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Friday, September 16, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on 2016-09-15 22:18:00 - Pointed symetrical disc emitting unwavering white light with pulsating and flashing red light that repeated in a seemingly sequential pattern between 5-7 blinks per second. close proximity to flight path of commercial aircraft. sudden emission change.

I am a former mufon field investigator with mufon canada, and current technical analyst consultant of mufon michigan. i submit this report as a second sighting within 4 days of the same / similar object / event. the first sighting was sunday sept 11, 2016 10pm est. the most current sighting is 10:15 pm thursday sept 15 2016. the observed duration was aproximately the same for both events at just less than 30 mins. the object was a saturn-like orb. the object was observed to be stationary in the sky, at approximately 277 deg w from this witness at an inclination to the horizon of approximately 27 deg. during the course of the observed event, the object was seen to change position in elevation in rapid yet precise movements with long periods of stationary hover lasting several minutes in duration. the final position before sighting ceased was aproximately 292 deg w @ 18 deg inclination. the object appeared as a perfectly symmetrical sphere that tapered into defined points at the equator of two sides. it was emitting a steady white light with an intensity comparable to common led aircraft lights observed at 30000ft. at times this white light did appear to cast shadow and provide some glimpse of a solid structure to the orb. in addition to the solid white light the orb appeared to emit a circular halo of exterior red lights arranged in a precise array. it is my estimation that the object was yawing slowing about the y axis while hovering and emitting a repeated sequence of red flashes. these red flashes were very fast. aprox 5 -7 blinks per second with intermittent pauses lasting up to 2 seconds in duration. as a working analogy i compare it to the flashing lights on a modem or router. very fast, repeated sequence, random at times, but gave the sense of repetition. during both events i did witness sudden significant conventional air traffic. when the conventional air-traffic reached close proximity to the anomaly the emitted flashing red lights more than tripled in intensity. i attempted to quantify the sequence at 5 beats per second. during the most recent event, i ran 24 hr live flight tracker while my wife kept an eye on the anomaly. i did observe 2 commercial flights in close proximity to the orb on standard flight paths. also in both events i did witness unregistered anomalous aircraft in both intercept course and tactical advantage high altitude flyby in relation to the orb. based on comparison data provided by 24hr flight radar, on the course and speed of the known conventional aircraft in the area during the event i have calculated an estimate of the intercepting aircraft flashing conventional nav lights at speeds in excess of mach 1.2. during both events the orb began flashing a new sequence of severely intense red light as the interception aircraft approached. as the interception aircraft approached the stationary positon of the orb, the orb suddenly moved several degrees north and several degress lower in inclination in a matter of seconds. the orb was observed to emit steady red and white light for several seconds before going completely dark in a spectacular display where the emitted light appeared to go black in the center and then move outward in a perfect circle until vanishing completely from the sky at very high intensity of light emission. during the event i also took screen shots using the android app solarium and can position the anomaly in close relative proximity to venus and the constellation virgo, where at the time of the sighting the satellite cosmos 1975 would be observable. when the anomaly went dark, it was in position closest comparable to the constellation libra with no known observable satellites. there are 2 witnesses to both of these events. this is my first ever submission of a sighting to mufon and also my first ever personal sighting that i am objectively leaning towards classifying as a truly unknown. i look forward to your cross examination of my testimony and evidence such as it is.

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Credit: MUFON

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