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Friday, September 9, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Concord, California on September 9th 2016 - shape shifting light. From high in air to very low and close. I staired and lost track of time. Felt static on my face. Had black fibers and red hard glassy fibers come from chest. Shape shifting octogon orbs of light rainbow color, beams, diamond

I was outside smoking a cigarette. I was clean and sober. I don't drink or use drugs. I noticed the object because there were orbs of light shape shifting. I knew what it was right away. I felt static electricity on my face. I felt something come out of my chest. Black fibers that had static electricity and a very sticky red substance that morphed. It was hard to pull it off my chest. It had some sort of magnetic connection. It felt like I was pulling invisible glass energy out of my chest. The orb was small at first in the sky. It was alternating between different colors of light shape shifting. I went back into the house and that's when the weird fibers came out of me. Then I went back outside and it had changed directions. This time it was much much closer to me and I was thrilled. I felt more alive and energized then I have in ages. I wanted to say Thank you to it. I felt a lot of gratitude. I felt time was frozen. I couldn't stop staring at this light. My fiance was with me and he saw the entire thing. He fell asleep while I could not after that. During the event he said he felt an aura of energy and he felt it in his chest. He knew nothing of the strange fibers or clear energy I had felt. I'm pretty sure he might think I'm nuts if I tried to explain to him. He said what is that when he saw the mark on my chest. I said not sure no biggie and he seemed a little off. The object in the sky was like a bunch of orbs of light in the shape of an octagone shape shifting colors then morphing... I then saw a huge ball of light around these lights. Beams of light shot down and it was scanning something. It was a very intense light. It appeared enormous in the sky. It looked like the size of six blimps made of shape shifting light orbs. The lights sparkled, strobed, changed shapes from orbs to a ball of light then into a triangle shape and back to orbs of light strobing again. Its tough to explain. I'll have to have my fiance try to make a report as well. I lost sight of the object when I sat down to type up this report. I kept track of it for nearly two hours. It was strange how it went from small to enormous and lower to the ground... back to higher up. It hovered for a very long time and I promised it I wouldn't take pictures or video as long as it would stay. When I went to make a report I read that photos are mandatory and video so I went back outside and took numerous photos and videos. I felt guilty I went back on my promise to this energy. It pulled away once I brought the camera phone out. I have a very loving connection with whatever this is. It makes me feel alive and gives me purpose. It will appear as long as I promise no video or photo... I still feel guilty I went back on that promise. Who knows tho maybe its just a satelite. I don't think so tho.. I know it communicates with me via Electromagnetic frequencies. I know that because a bunch of static electric elastic type things came out of my cuticles and chest. I also felt a very sticky substance cover my face and hands. It almost feels like I have really really soft skin but its more of a film on my skin then anything. Very strange. I hope to see it again and I know you will see it as long as you stay positive and ask the universe to share this gift with you. I feel sad now that the sun is coming up and it is going further and further away. It just keeps getting smaller now. It disappeared around 6:15 am. I have to get some sleep now. Thanks for reading about this. I have to email the video and the pictures seperate because my cell phone keeps freaking out and it wont let me upload to my computer. Very strange. I'm' going to get some tech support here then will be sure to follow up with footage and photos.

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Credit: MUFON

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