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Sunday, September 18, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Herrliberg, Zurich on 2016-09-18 00:00:00 - Orbs were flying / hovering over the lake of zurich

I was in bed. bedroom window, shutters and curtains left open. i had difficulty to fall asleep for some time. after a while though i almost was about to fall asleep when i suddenly felt the strong urge to open my eyes: and there they were: 4 orange-yellow-golden glowing orbs hovering above the lake of zurich! i jumped up and rushed to my bedroom window. what i saw was very unusual. the lights were about one kilometer away from me. but they were so big, that they were very clearly visible. no trees or other buildings were obstructing the view on to those orbs since our house is on top of the hill and has a full view over the entire lake of zurich. i immediately compared the lights with the lights of houses or streetlights on the other side of the lake. the lights of the 4 orbs were much more bigger than any normally visible light from the other side of the lake. and a lot brighter. next i thought about whether or not these could be helicopters or drones. the 4 orbs were moving from west to east about in the middle of the lake and at a hight of about 200 to 400 meters above the surface of the lake. the orbs seemed to fly in a loose formation. meaning: same direction but not directly in parallel. all 4 orbs were on the different flight level - and seemed to move a bit back and forth (maybe could be described as slightly zic-zac-ing back and forth - but yet all 4 orbs were moving from west to east. the speed of the movement could have been the speed of a helicopter - but the typical lightings of helicopters were missing. i am talking of the position-lightings of planes or helicopters. instead the entire object was glowing in an orange-yellow-golden-fire-like color. also there were no sounds. 4 helicopters fyling in formation in the middle of the night over an open area of a lake would have been making at least some noise - even from the distance i was observing. after about 2-3 minutes one orb after the other just faded out... just disappeared... but not like switching the light off and gone it was - it was more like a slow "fading out of the light" over a few seonds for each of the orbs... only then i even thought about the fact that i could have rushed to get my iphone and make pictures - but somehow i did not even think of that during the event. i was too fascinated. then i looked at the watch and it was 00:24 in the middle of the night. so i would guess the time span during which i was making these observation was about 00:20 to 00:24. after this i was wide awake and puming adrenalin because i realized that i had really seen something very very unusual... :-)

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Credit: MUFON

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