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Thursday, September 15, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on 2016-09-14 22:50:00 - 3 lights with triangle outline, was heading east, changed north, we out of view, few minutes saw another heading west.

I had taken my cat outside on leash to eat the grass out front my house. 10 minutes later i'm watching the stars when a plane heading west catches my attention and as i watch it fly by just past the plane something catches my eye. at first i thought it was just another satellite going by and did think much of it until i notice two more lights following the first. as i watch the three lights heading east i start to make out a dark shape or edge that looks curiously like a triangle. i went to take my phone out to record it but my camera isn't good at night and i didn't wanna take me eyes off it so i stop. still watching it suddenly it changes direction at 90 degree angle and is now heading north till it goes out of view behind a hill/tree. at this point i become overwhelmed with emotion, remembering my cat i quickly rush her inside to get back out to try and understand what iv just seen. now from the time i see the plane to the time i watch the lights go out of view all happens in maybe 10-15 seconds. after coming back outside a few seconds later i kept my eyes on the same area of dark cloudless sky. i'm watching the sky when a small flock of birds flys south, if it wasn't for the full moon i wouldn't have seen them. at this point that reassures me that the first thing i saw was not birds but just raises more questions about what it was. i keep my eyes up, maybe 3-8 minutes later somethings else catches my eye. as i try to focus on it i realize it has three lights as well, triangular shape, and very similar to the first one i saw. it could even be the same one but i can't say for sure. this object with lights is heading west towards the mountains, i'm able to follow it with my eyes for a few seconds till it goes out of view into the darkness of the sky, almost like it vanished. at this point i'm overwhelmed with emotions and excitement most of which is hard to explain but i don't take my eyes off the sky for another 10 minutes. slowly i'm coming to terms with what i think i saw, iv been watching the sky for years with no luck, but tonight i feel like i won the lottery.

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Credit: MUFON

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