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Thursday, September 8, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Prince Rupert, British Columbia on April 13th 2014 - I and another person saw something hovering out from the clouds

I was just coming from Tim Horton's, my iPod was going crazy on me. I decided I better go and get the stuff I needed from Shoppers Drug Mart. I was just about to walk down the stairs and I saw one of the cashiers from Shoppers coming out into the parking lot to get a shopping cart. Then she stopped and was looking up in the clouds. I looked in the direction she was looking and then I saw it. I saw a red light with a looked like a stick or something hovering low into the clouds. It was just blinking and I was thinking to myself "no way is that a plane or helicopter" because there was no sound coming from it. I thought it was weird. I was in total awe. And thought that it was going to show itself more. It was there no longer than 2 minutes. I was about to take a picture and then all of a sudden it was gone. When I went down to Shoppers and got my stuff. The cashier lady whom also saw what I saw, said to me, "I don't understand why they just don't come and take us away?" I said "No thanks" but it was amazing to see. I have witnessed other things moving in the sky and behind the mountains too. But Don't know if I am able to make more reports.

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Credit: MUFON

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