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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Lititz, Pennsylvania on 2015-11-04 00:00:00 - The paranormal sighting occurred in my bedroom 2x within 2.5 days. this is a description of the first event in the middle of the night when i awoke with a rectangle full of light suspended, moving in the air 7 ft high across from my bed.

This is a description of paranormal and most likely alien surveillance of me and my bedroom that occurred 2x within 2.5 days apart. the first occurrence was while i was sleeping alone on wednesday night into thursday, november 5 at maybe 3 am. my mother was home sleeping in a bedroom down the hall. i awoke from a very bright light in my dark room (i sleep with blinds and curtains pulled and no night light) that was in the shape of a perfect rectangle about 6" x 9" (inches)filled with bright light and suspended in the air at the foot of my bed about 7 ft high. it was moving left slowly until it reached my left wall and changed directions to trace the left wall and trim molding (ascended higher)toward me. as it moved across my wall it disappeared as it reached the end of the wall, just 3 feet from me. i had frozen and was probably only moving my eyeballs to observe it. i was calm, rational, but fearful of what it could be. my first thought was that it was a alien surveillance camera as opposed to a spirit entity or portal. i had been hearing eerie high pitches sounds at night while lying in bed for some time outside in my back yard. i live in a brightly lit suburban neighborhood by the way, but since very young, i always feared aliens landing in my backyard! 3 days later saturday morning around 6 am, now sleeping with my young daughter. i awoke and opened my eyes in time to see just 2 seconds later, a bright laser light rectangular outline, this time transparent inside, about 2 feet by 3 feet pop through the window, with pulled blinds and drawn curtain, closest to my side of the bed. the same window the illuminated smaller rectangle had ended its bedroom course 3 nights prior. this time i had another witness. my 9 year old who was sleeping next to me was turned on her side and had opened her eyes the same time as me to witness the same event. we both saw the large laser-like window or portal turn clockwise on its axis about 180 degrees until it faced us and then poof, disappeared into thin air. it's like it saw us, or maybe saw my daughter and immediately abandoned its mission. i've been terrified ever since that i avoided an abduction and that "it" or "they" might come back. i've been sleeping with night lights or a bathroom or closet light on. what's remarkable is that this happened 2x in the same week. why my house, my bedroom? my mother was not disturbed. also, i immediately researched rectangular ufos and there was a sighting on november 5 about 35 miles away. i have not found any evidence online of a similar large transparent portal in anyone's house. i have read about spirit portals but this is a little different in its shape, movement, and deliberate actions.

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Credit: MUFON

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