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Saturday, September 10, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Grande Prairie, Alberta on 1978-09-30 20:00:00 - I was having a beer on the railroad bridge at night and looking towards the road bridge facing north of me when all of a sudden...

in early october of 1978 me and two friends went to the railroad bridge in the small town of high prairie alberta .In the early evening around 7pm with two cases of labatt's blue beer to drink .We sat down by a power pole at the edge of the riverbank 30 ft from by the bridge's eastern edge in the grass.We drank and joked around for awhile i was getting concerned that they were getting too loud so i took a beer and went and sat on the bridge to keep six if any cops should show up.At this time i opened my 3rd beer and sipped on it.I was looking towards the road bridge just north ahead of me about 300 ft or more .I was looking into the night sky.I was admiring the stars when all of a sudden in the top left front of my vision i seen a triangular shaped dark object that had a orange dome in the center of its underbelly flew past me and swooped down and around the river bend giving off a flash of white light heading in a southwesterly direction and was gone. this only took 2 or 3 secunds .If i wasn't looking in that direction when i was i would've missed it and saw nothing.I didn't hear a thing and it was fast and like in slow motion at the same time. i ran to my friends and asked them if they saw anything just now and they said no probably because they were too busy horsing around and i didn't bother telling them what i saw or anybody else that night.Thinking back on it, i think the ufo was following the river and mapping it for whatever reason i don't know. i mean what else it would be doing in a small town like h.P.? right.Well that's about it.I know nothing special happened but what the hell was it doing there in the first place just passing by hoping not to be seen by anyone following low above the river? well i believe in ufo's now after this experience that's for sure and if anyone don't believe me then they can take a hike because i know what i saw no-matter how briefly it was and i wasn't drunk either.I would like to send a drawing and photos ot the area i saw this thing at but don't know how at this time. thank you for reading my story. allen.

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Credit: MUFON

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