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Thursday, September 22, 2016

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Alien Encounter in West Palm Beach, Florida on 1969-01-29 03:30:00 - Contact

It started in 1974 long beach ca. they came my room though the wall i was 4yrs old at the time they took and show let me play in 0g . we move to the hudson valley in 1976 . saw a ufo that change shape . started to get taken told my parents no help they made worse told me it was a witch . in the 1980s i saw a big ufo over mohak mountian house . for the few yrs i wake at 3:30am with blodie nose .1987 i was taken that is when i saw the guy on the history chan and rember from the ship. 2014- 2016 many trips. i fell off my bike and landed on my ribs went to hosp told me ribs not broke went home did something flet them brake later i could not get air went black woke up at 3:30 core temp 69 think died ? and they save me for me need to talk to someone who bleave . this is my try do not let some call who dose not beleave i wil know. think i can get the prof that you need. by the a ufo crashed off the coast of fl two or three they showed local new said it was a shoting stare .

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Credit: MUFON

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