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Monday, September 19, 2016

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Alien Encounter in Morden, Manitoba, canada, Manitoba on 1984-08-29 04:30:00 - I prayed to ufo's to make a baby with me. then i awoke just after being raped, and asked why we could 't do this awaeke and was told not to tell anyone,then awoke in my car 7.5 miles from home. 1984, aug. 29th

August 28, 1984,was my 19th birthday. i went to bed early wanting to party the next day. i prayed that night asking if i was going to have children in my lifer; no answer. so i prayed to the ufo's thinking if god don't answer me, what can it hurt. so i prayed to the ufo with no fear. in my prayer i explained that if thy are real then i would like to make a baby with them, then fell asleep. well i awoke from what i thought was coming in my sleep. but i saw a younger female alian stepping off of me while she was putting on a robe. so i looked around me the left footside of a platform i was layed naked on and saw an older robed alian standing in a glassed room with desktop around him. so i turned back to her and asked from my earlier prayer, why could thy not do this while i was awake, we could have had some fun. then i looked back to him, the male alian and he spoke to me saying 'don't tell anyone about this'. then he pushed on the desktop in front of him. the next thing i recall is waking up in my car. the car was facing north back to town 7.5 miles away. i could feel that i had just , you know, ejackulated, how ever you spell that. and my prayer in thought was heard by the alians. so i wonder if they have my child and they , the alians can here me in my prayers. i have thought it out over the many years of how and why. i have come to a conclusion with my history study of the bible is that untill armagedon is through, we must live with the noledge of other entities on earth, we must believe in him only and not the other spirats around us. so i believe in him only and that is why i am not scared of the threat that alian told me. besides no-one will believe me anyway. i have also been to the gateway into heaven or turn back into the dark. [a near death experiance when my heart stopped 3 times in an abulance tranfering me to the calgary hospital, april 1st early in the morning witch is anotgher true story of my passing through other demensions. so be it.

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Credit: MUFON

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