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Saturday, September 17, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Étiolles, Île-de-France on 1996-08-31 00:00:00 - Three balls of light big and low in the sky

Hi, my name is eric i am from france leaving in south east asia for the past 15 years. i write this post to share with you one of my three ufo experiences. . i am a cgi guy so i make for you a little simulation of the sighting but read my post for a better insight of the story. when i was young in the 70' my dad tell me about all the sighting he was reading in the newspaper and he always tell me there is life up there. as i grow and look at the sky i never saw any thing that look close to a ufo. in my head i was thinking witnessing ufo is like winning a lottery. so inside of me i always thinking sure it must have some other species up there but nothing more. young i have read a few books about it and that all. in 1996, i have 30 years old and was leaving in paris france. one day me and a freind take my car for a drive to his place about 30 kilometer outside paris. in the town of corbeil essonne we drove on the road national 7 at about 5;30 6:00 pm. as we arrive at the entrance of corbeil essonne town we were stuck in a heavy trafic as it is time for everyone to go home after work. my freind was a ufo enthusiast, he like to speak about it read books and always try to get infos. we arrive to a red light at the entrance of corbeil town and get stuck there with many other cars all around us. the sky was grey and the clouds very low. we were listening some music and waiting for the green light. suddenly right in front of us a light dim in and stay still. my freind ask me what it is? my first impression was it is the front light of a plane because i can see some ray going forward the light in the cloud like a powerfull plane front light. but after saying it i say it is not a plane it is way too low to be a plane and the airport is 20 km behind us. also it is not moving. in my head i was thinking of may be a big zeppelin like the dunlop one with on his side a big light at least 3 meter diameters. after a little one light dim in on left side of the first one, it became the same size then the first one and on the right another light dim in too and same as the other became the same size. at this moment i was feeling some kind of fear because in front of me was something i cannot understand and also it feel so big that the unknow and the size make me a strange feeling of amazement and fear at the same time. but something that i cannot explain at that time was also happening deep inside my body, a strange inside feeling that today i know exactely what it was we all get read by this thing from inside. it is a strange feeling to feel something scanning your inside and it add to the fear. my freind next to me, the ufo enthusiast was silent and he was feeling the same thing, but we get aware about the feeling of each other few days later after speaking about it. after the three light stood still for 10 or 12 seconds, the two light on both side dim out and disappear. than the middle light start to become bigger and and brighter, so bright that to our naked eyes we see a black halo around it and all the car and houses around us become very bright. this black and bright white last less than a second. and the light became very small and start moving at an incredible speed without acceleration and it move horizontaly for a little then take an abrupt turn of about 30 to 45 degree and disappear in the clouds. me and my freind were very surprise but all the way to his home no one was speaking about it. i was existed about it but i still have this bad feeling deep inside. i bring him back and after be back to my home, i was thinking why he doesn't talk about it as he was a ufo enthusiast. two days after we meet again and we see in the newspaper "le parisien essonne edition" a witness call from the gendarmerie (a kind of police but military) they want people to come to their office and to testify the sighting. my freind tell me dont go, he was saying it not get us information but maybe trouble and anyway today i know they keep it all secret and will tell you it was venus or blabla... we were a few thousand people stuck in trafic to see this thing so i beleive some have report it. this was my first sighting and it has leave on me a bad feeling at that time and i still remember it like it was yesterday.

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Credit: MUFON

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