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Friday, September 9, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Antioch, Tennessee on September 9th 2016 - Bright red (lit up all over by one bright light) triangular/V-shaped object, no blinking lights, witnessed by group of 5 during daylight emitting orange-red short jet like trail

I was outside my house, in Antioch, TN, playing with my kids and the neighborhood kids. I've been checking the sky when it's clear due to seeing strange things recently (My daughters and I went to their school playground last week and stayed until it got dark. My oldest saw some lights in the sky and said momma what's that? I looked up and saw 3 bright white lights starting to separate from each other and go in 3 different directions. One moved straight up in the sky, another moved south east and another northwest. Not a single one was blinking and they were moving much faster than the airplanes in the area. I couldn't tell if they made a noise as there were airplanes in the area that I could here, all of which had blinking red/green lights of course.) I noticed the object tonight coming from the SW and kept an eye on it because of the unusual brightness and triangular V shape. It was like it was made of a bright red light completely. It didn't look like there were multiple lights. I also noticed the orange-red trail was not lagging behind like planes in the area normally do. It stayed at a consistent distance the entire time I could see it. The object moved NE at a fairly high speed, faster than the planes in the area for sure. I thought it was a commercial plane at first, but quickly ruled that when it was not blinking and when it came directly overhead and I could see the odd trianglular V shape. Not sure exactly what time the sunset was, but the trail could've been orange-red colored due to the sunset. I watched the object until I couldn't see it anymore with my eyes only. I didn't have binoculars handy. 5 of us total witnessed it and are clueless as to what it could be! I tried googling it like I do with just about everything else I see (the 2 green fireballs I saw last year a week apart from each other were pretty crazy looking, but they're somewhat common as far as I could find in my googling them.) Totally would've recorded if I had my phone outside with me!! I'm hoping someone else noticed it as well!!

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Credit: MUFON

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